2019 Keynotes

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2018 Keynotes

Thursday Morning Keynote | Dr. Robbie K. Melton
“The Emergence of The Internet of Everything (IoE) Smart Connected Devices and EduGadgets for Real-Time On-Demand Transformation of Education”

Gartner (2014) defines the Internet of Everything (IoE) as the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment. The rise of these connected ‘smart’ technologies provide new opportunities for transforming teaching and learning, as well as real-time, on-demand data, for evoking immediate changes. This presentation will address the possibilities and challenges of IoE Smart Technologies (EduGadgets) as data drived tools for improving academic and social performance and a showcase of technology highlighting the latest innovations in emerging technologies of wearables, mobile devices, health and fitness aids, STEM, mixed realities (VR/AR/Gamification/Holograms) across the education disciplines and K-16 spectrum. Learn about the development and impact of Internet of Everything (IoE) Smart EduGadget of mobile devices, smartphones, wearables, and virtual – augmented reality with hands-on viewing. Share in the exploration of the educational possibilities and challenges.

Dr. Robbie Melton, tenured professor at Tennessee State University (TSU), serves as the transformational -transitional graduate dean for TSU College of Graduate & Professional Studies and a global researcher and international presenter and consultant for Emerging IOE (“The Internet of Everything”) Smart Mobile Technology of mobile devices, smart phone-tablets, wearables, smart gadgets and tools, and mixed reality of VR and AR. She formerly served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Emerging Technologies for the Tennessee Board of Regents and the primary developer and chief administrator for the system wide Regents Online Degree Programs. Her tributes include: 2016 OLC Leadership, WCET Life Time Achievement, 2014 Top 30 Technologists, 2013 Apple Distinguished Educator, 2012 Top Fifty Technology Innovator; and 2012 WOW EdTechnology Awards. She was a featured speaker at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Symposium. She known as an ‘Appologist, for her extensive research of best practices with mobile devices (smart phone, tablets, wearable, and the creation of a Mobile App Resource Center. Currently serving as the UNICEF Teacher Education Technology Trainers for the Country of Malawi (Africa) in the use of mobile devices with limited internet and power.

Thursday Lunchtime Keynote | Dr. Gerry Swan
“Reinventing the wheel to go farther, faster and better(ish)”

When we hear the terms ‘reinventing the wheel’ or ‘old wine in new bottles’ it’s not usually being used in a positive way. Reinvention and incremental design are an important part of innovation and can lead to some great improvements in the types of learning experiences we provide people with.

Dr. Gerry Swan, is an Associate Professor of Instructional Systems Design and Assistant Dean of Program Assessment at the University of Kentucky College of Education. He began his education career teaching at one-to-one school in New Hampshire in 1997. Having one of the “most wired campuses” to play and experiment with stoked his interest in instructional technology and become his focus in graduate school. Through the OTIS initiative (an umbrella name for all his various projects), he has developed online tools for the College and beyond which translate research-based ideas into practice for tens of thousands of students and instructors from kindergarten to college. His research interests include use of interactive media with instruction and computer-managed instruction.

Friday Morning Keynote | Leadership Panel

Betina Gardner, Chief Information Officer and Dean of Libraries, Eastern Kentucky University
Rush Sherman, Chief Financial Officer, Spalding University
Keith Weber, Chief Information Officer, Murray State University
Dr. Kris Williams, Chancellor, Kentucky Community and Technical College System